Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baldness etc

So my friend is going to shave her head. Yes. HER head. My friend Whitney is going to shave her head this year for St. Baldrick's (www.stbaldricks.org), an organization that raises money to fight childhood cancer of all varieties.

And I think she's brave. But I agree with her that it's only hair, and that the true warriors are the kids that live this story every day. She has wanted to do this for years and there have always been things in the way or legitimately good reasons why it just wasn't a good idea that year. But this year she's going for it, and I'm 100% supporting :).

I think that it's a really cool deal because of the solidarity that it shows to those who are walking this scary and intensely difficult road. That they are not alone. That they are incredibly loved and supported and we are willing to stand with them and help them fight as much as we are able.

Peds oncology has a special spot in my heart. Maybe thanks to my time up in Albany, getting to know some of the coolest kids that this world has likely had the privilege of meeting...and then seeing them move on, so that the next "world" might be blessed by their presence. So much depth of sorrow and yet so much depth of joy.

Sometimes I wish that it didn't take something as dramatic and devastating as a potentially terminal diagnosis for us as a community to fight so hard for solidarity. To fight for community and fight to be there for our "brothers" and "sisters". Because this is awesome, and having been to these events, the energy is AMAZING and there is something so powerful in watching people from all ages, in both genders line up for their turn to pledge their support to this fantastic mandate. This passion and this drive. That I may learn from this...


Well, just to clarify well, I am NOT shaving my head. I fully support those who are, particularly my dear friend, Whitney. It's a great cause and a collection of pretty amazing people.

Loves (or, in honor of Whitney....For the Love)

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  1. My most favorite friend... Thank you. Thank you for supporting me, for encouraging me, for loving me... hair or not. Your words are a wonderful testament to the cause and the event that I am so thankful you were able to experience here in the snowy world of Albany. Thank you... thank you for being my friend and for loving this as much as I do. Missing you always.